Combustion science, technology and applications


Combustion has immense socio-economic relevance, with conflicting demands on energy generation and environmental pollution. These demands can only be met by the improvement of technologies, and combustion science plays a central role in this endeavour. This SIG aims to bring world-leading UK groups together to identify topics for collective explorations.

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L = leader; C = co-leader; * = Other key personnel

[L]  Salvador Navarro-Martinez ( Imperial College London ):
[C]  Nilanjan Chakraborty ( Newcastle University ):
Pavlos Aleiferis ( Imperial College London ):
Andy Aspden ( Newcastle University ):
Raphael Assier ( University of Manchester ):
Rama Balachandran ( University College London ):
Stewart Cant ( University of Cambridge ):
Jon Carrotte ( Loughborough University ):
Philip Gaskell ( University of Durham ):
Richard Green ( University of Glasgow ):
Arash Hamzehloo ( Imperial College London ):
Yannis Hardalupas ( Imperial College London ):
Simone Hochgreb ( University of Cambridge ):
Matteo Icardi ( University of Nottingham ):
Bill Jones ( Imperial College London ):
Ranga Dinesh Kahanda Koralage ( University of Southampton ):
Olawole Kuti ( Manchester Metropolitan University ):
Sean Malkeson ( Liverpool John Moores University ):
Epaminondas Mastorakos ( University of Cambridge ):
Aimee Morgans ( Imperial College London ):
Edward Richardson ( University of Southampton ):
Stelios Rigopoulos ( Imperial College London ):
Jon Runyon ( Cardiff University ):
Dong-hyuk Shin ( University of Edinburgh ):
Francesca Sogaro ( Imperial College London ):
Swami Swaminathan ( University of Cambridge ):
Alex Taylor ( Imperial College London ):
Nicolas Tonello ( Renuda ):
Konstantina Vogiatzaki ( University of Brighton ):
Jennifer Wen ( University of Warwick ):
Ben Williams ( Imperial College London; University of Oxford ):
Rob Woolley ( University of Sheffield ):
Jun Xia ( Brunel University London ):
Marco Zedda ( Rolls-Royce ):
Yang Zhang ( University of Sheffield ):

I Meeting: September 2017 (Imperial College London)

Prof Bill Jones, LES Approaches to combustion

Prof Simone Hochgreb, Experimental Combustion

Dr Robert Morgan, Future Challenges ICE

Prof Aimee Morgans, Thermoacoustic Instabilities


III Meeting: Combustion Strategy and Future Challenges, November 2018 (University of Cambridge)

Session I

Combustion in a Low Carbon World, Ann Dowling (University of Cambridge) 

Challenges and Opportunities in Fire ScienceGuillermo Rein (Imperial College)

Future challenges in aero-engine combustion, Marco Zedda (Rolls Royce)

Jim Rogerson(Siemens UK)

Nicolas Tonello (Renuda)

SABRE Engine and the Enabling Combustion Technologies, Mark Picciani (Reaction Engines)

 Session II

Epaminondas Mastorakos (University of Cambridge)

The outlook for transport energy and the scope for combustion researchGautam Kalghati (Oxford/Imperial)

Hybrid Engines Vehicles, Richard Stone (University of Oxford) 

Future Challenges for the ICERobert Morgan (Brighton)

EPSRC, UKRI and Combustion Engineering, Andy Lawrence (EPSRC)

IV Meeting: Joint SIG on Spray and Combustion April 2019 (Imperial College London)

Joint SIG Meeting on Spray and Combustion 8/9th April 

Session I

Conditional methods for the prediction of noise and emissions in turbulent spray combustion, A Giusti

The effect of droplets on laminar propagation speed of an acetone-methane flameL Fan,B Tian, C Tung Chong, D McGrath, P M. De Oliveira, S Hochgreb

Modelling of heating and evaporation of kerosene dropletsL Poulton, O Rybdylova, S S Sazhin

Fully Lagrangian approach to two-phase modelling: theory and recent developments O Rybdylova

Session II

Numerical investigation of the dispersion of vaporizing polydisperse sprays in a gas flow, Y Li, T Zaripov, O Rybdylova

A two-way coupled fully Lagrangian model for gas-droplet flows,T Zaripov, O Rybdylova

Lattice Boltzmann simulation of cavitating flow in a moving geometry,T Luo, J Xia 

Manufacture, Characterization, and Stability Limits of an Additive Manufactured Prefilming Air-Blast AtomizerA Giles, A Crayford, F Lacan, J Runyon, P Bowen, S Balwadkar, J Harper, D Pugh

Session III

Transient two-phase flow interactions on the surface of a diesel injector nozzleD Sykes, G de Sercey, Martin Gold, R Pearson, C Crua

Large Eddy Simulation of air-blast atomization using ELSA-PDF, G Tretola, S Navarro-Martinez 

Moving towards compressible three phase coupled modelling of in nozzle and atomisation processes, McGinn, K Vogiatzaki

The Population Balance Approach in Combustion, A Liu, S Rigopoulos

Session IV

Experimental and Numerical Evaluation of Pressurized, Lean Hydrogen-Air Flame Stability with Carbon Dioxide Diluent J Runyon, D Pugh, P Bowen, R  Marsh, A Giles, S Morris

CFD modelling of gas-turbine fuel droplet heating, evaporation and combustionM Al Qubeissi, N Al-Esawi

Two-photon Absorption Laser Induced Fluorescence of Carbon Monoxide in Premixed Opposed Flames, Y Liu, Y Hardalupas

Low emissions combustion for future efficient engines, R. Morgan

Session V

Statistical dependence of mixture fraction and progress variable in partially-premixed combustion, E Richardson

Tracer-free temperature and composition measurements in reacting flows with LIGS,F De Domenico, T F Guiberti, S Hochgreb, W L. Roberts and G Magnotti

The effects of pressure on prefilming flows and primary atomization of an air blast atomizer, M Brend, A Barker, J Carrotte

Session VI

Connection between thermoacoustic dynamics and mixture fundamental properties in a model swirl stabilised combustorS Karlis, Y Hardalupas

Influences of droplet diameter and overall equivalence ratio on the flame structure for spherically expanding flames propagating in fuel droplet-mists: A Direct Numerical Simulation analysisG O Erol, N Chakraborty

Cyclic NO and NO2 formation in a compression ignition engineF Leach, M Davy , M Peckham

PAH formation characteristics of hydrogen-enriched methane diffusion flamesC Ezenwajiaku, R Balanchandran

V Meeting: September 2019 (University of Oxford)

Session I

Session II

  • Current and Future Topics in Ammonia Combustion, D Pugh
  • Utilisation of hydrogen and hydrogen blended clean fuels for combustion applications, K Dinesh
  • Self-heating ignition of materials in storage conditions: from biochar to lithium-ion batteries, F Restuccia
  • Laser induced incandescence (LII) using a long-pulsed fibre laser for in-situ study of soot in flames, I Burns
  • An Experimental apparatus to measure soot morphology at high pressures using multi-angle light scattering, H M F Amin

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