Challenges in cardiovascular flow modelling


Computational modelling of blood flow can help study and understand cardiovascular responses in health, disease and intervention. The proposed SIG seeks an integration of three different areas: 1D flow models for vascular networks; 3D image-based arterial/cardiac flow models; and blood flow models through medical devices and following interventions.

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L = leader; C = co-leader; * = Other key personnel

[L]  Raoul van Loon ( Swansea University ):
[C]  Alberto Gambaruto ( University of Bristol ):
Jordi Alastruey ( King's College London ):
Neil Bressloff ( University of Southampton ):
Claudio Capelli ( University College London ):
Andrew Cookson ( University of Bath ):
Katharine Fraser ( University of Bath ):
Nick Hill ( University of Glasgow ):
Amir Keshmiri ( University of Manchester ):
Xiaoyu Luo ( University of Glasgow ):
Sean McGinty ( University of Glasgow ):
Andrew Narracott ( University of Sheffield ):
Silvia Schievano ( University College London ):
Ryo Torii ( University College London ):
Xiao Yun Xu ( Imperial College London ):
Igor Chernyavsky ( University of Manchester ):

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