Flow instability, modelling and control


The SIG specialises in fluid flow transition and control: hydrodynamic stability, coherent structures and nonlinear dynamics, modelling, simulation, experiments and control strategies. The SIG aims at facilitating communication and collaboration for emerging challenges, training of next-generation researchers, and an increased international visibility of the UK’s research activities in this area.

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L = leader; C = co-leader; * = Other key personnel

Yongyun Hwang ( Imperial College London ):
Ati Sharma ( University of Southampton ):
Paolo Adami ( Rolls-Royce ):
Anurag Agarwal ( University of Cambridge ):
Evangelia Antonopoulou ( University of Leeds ):
Richard Ashworth ( Airbus ):
Chris Atkin ( City University ):
Dwight Barkley ( University of Warwick ):
Andrea Cassinelli ( Imperial College London ):
Colm-cille Caulfield ( University of Cambridge ):
Sergei Chernyshenko ( Imperial College London ):
Stephen Cowley ( University of Cambridge ):
John Craske ( Imperial College London ):
David Dennis ( University of Liverpool ):
Bharath Ganapathisubramani ( University of Southampton ):
Stephen Garrett ( University of Leicester ):
Mike Gaster ( City University ):
Jonathan Healey ( Keele University ):
Richard Hewitt ( University of Manchester ):
Julien Hoessler ( McLaren ):
Zahir Hussain ( Manchester Metropolitan University ):
Matthew Juniper ( University of Cambridge ):
Richard Kerswell ( University of Cambridge ):
Davide Lasagna ( University of Southampton ):
Rebecca Lingwood ( Brunel University London ):
Rob Long ( University of Leeds ):
Xuerui Mao ( University of Nottingham ):
Nick Martin ( Northumbria University ):
Andrew McMullan ( University of Leicester ):
Jonathan Morrison ( Imperial College London ):
[L]  George Papadakis ( Imperial College London ): g.papadakis@imperial.ac.uk
Nigel Peake ( University of Cambridge ):
Pierre Ricco ( University of Sheffield ):
Anatoly Ruban ( Imperial College London ):
Neil Sandham ( University of Southampton ):
Shahrokh Shahpar ( Rolls-Royce ):
Spencer Sherwin ( Imperial College London ):
Frank Smith ( University College London ):
Steve Tobias ( University of Leeds ):
Owen Tutty ( University of Southampton ):
Christina Vanderwel ( University of Southampton ):
Ashley Willis ( University of Sheffield ):
Xuesong Wu ( Imperial College London ):
[C]  Georgios Rigas ( Imperial College London ): g.rigas@imperial.ac.uk

Scope of SIG

The SIG specialises in fluid flow transition and control, areas that the UK has maintained world-class research for many years. The topics of the SIG include hydrodynamic stability, transition to turbulence, coherent structures and nonlinear dynamics, model reduction, simulations, experiments, and development of novel flow control strategies.

The SIG members consist of leading figures in established (flow instability) and emerging areas (dynamical systems, flow control, optimisation) from both academia and industry (Airbus, Rolls-Royce & Mclaren), and their expertise covers all the technical aspects (theory, computation and experiments).  The scope of the SIG is:

1) to improve communication across boundaries between traditional and emerging areas;

2) to foster the next generation of academics and industrial researchers at the subject interface;

3) to collectively correspond to research council funding initiatives;

4) to increase international visibility of the UK’s research activities in the areas of the SIG.


EPSRC Summer School on Modal Decompositions in Fluid Mechanics


Fluid mechanics is, like many other fields, enjoying an ever increasing access to huge data sets gathered from experiments, observations in the field or just DNS-generated flow solutions on supercomputers. This data flood has started to fundamentally change the modern research landscape from ‘theory-driven’ to ‘data-driven’. The scope of this EPSRC–funded, UK Fluid Network summer school is to provide training in the state-of-the-art modern research tools applicable to this data revolution for PhD students and postdoctoral researchers in the UK. Four days of lectures and tutorials will be delivered by the world-leading experts in each area.



5-8, August, 2019, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP), University of Cambridge



- Proper orthogonal decomposition and its variants

- Model reductions for hydrodynamic instabilities

- Dynamic mode decomposition

- Koopman mode decomposition

- Resolvent mode analysis

- Exact coherent states, periodic orbits and state-space visualisations


Confirmed invited lecturers

Tim Colonius (Caltech)

Shervin Bagheri (KTH, Stockholm)

Peter Schmid (Imperial)

Steven Brunton (Univ. Washington)

Beverley McKeon (Caltech)

Ati Sharma (Southampton)

Rich Kerswell (Cambridge)

Ashley Willis (Sheffield)


School booklet (download)


Lecture schedule & notes

5th Afternoon: Tim Colonius (lecture note; further readings; excercise; programme)

6th Morning: Rich Kerswell (lecture note 1, lecture note 2, Slides) / Ashley Willis (lecture note)

6th Afternoon: Beverley McKeon (lecture note) / Ati Sharma (lecture note, worksheet, tutorial code)

7th Morning: Shervin Bagheri (lecture note; tutorial codes

7th Afternoon: Steven Brunton (lecture note)

8th Morning: Peter Schmid (lecture note; tutorial codes)



Yongyun Hwang (Imperial)

Rich Kerswell (Cambridge)

Ati Sharma (Southampton)



The application result and the registration process have been informed on 17th of May.

We do not accept any more registrations. 



Yongyun Hwang (y.hwang@imperial.ac.uk)



Upcoming Meetings

11th International Symposium on Turbulent Shear Flow Phenomena - 30, July - 2, August 2019, Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton, UK

IUTAM Symposium on Transition - 2-6 September 2019 - Imperial College, London, UK.



Previous Meetings

SIG Meeting - 28th August 2018 - Imperial College, London, UK (Programme)

Euromech Colloquium 598 - 29th/31st August 2018 - Imperial College, London, UK.

1st SIG Meeting - 28th/30th March 2017 - University of Southampton, UK (Abstract)



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