Droplet and flow interactions with bio-inspired and smart surfaces


This multidisciplinary SIG provides a fluids‐materials interfaces forum for scientists and engineers seeking to understand the interaction of liquids with bio‐inspired fluid boundaries involving texture (e.g. ribbed, super-hydrophobic, liquid-impregnated). It includes both droplets moving across surfaces and flow adjacent to surfaces at different length scales and Reynolds numbers.

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L = leader; C = co-leader; * = Other key personnel

[L]  Glen McHale ( University of Edinburgh ): glen.mchale@ed.ac.uk
[C]  Halim Kusumaatmaja ( University of Durham ): halim.kusumaatmaja@durham.ac.uk
[*]  Ben Xu ( Northumbria University ): ben.xu@northumbria.ac.uk
Jining Sun ( Heriot-Watt University ):
[*]  Anna Trybala ( Loughborough University ): A.Trybala@lboro.ac.uk
Nicasio Geraldi ( Northumbria University ):
Dirk Aarts ( University of Oxford ):
Khaled Al-Ghaithi ( University of Leeds ):
Evangelia Antonopoulou ( University of Leeds ):
Colin Bain ( University of Durham ):
Carl Brown ( Nottingham Trent University ):
Buddhapriya Chakrabarti ( University of Sheffield ):
David Fairhurst ( Nottingham Trent University ):
Richard Fu ( Northumbria University ):
Yifan Li ( Northumbria University ):
Michael Newton ( Nottingham Trent University ):
[*]  Fouzia Ouali ( Nottingham Trent University ): fouzia.ouali@ntu.ac.uk
Ciro Semprebon ( Northumbria University ):
James Sprittles ( University of Warwick ):
Victor Starov ( Loughborough University ):
Jonathan Terry ( University of Edinburgh ):
Prashant Valluri ( University of Edinburgh ):
Gary Wells ( Northumbria University ):
Stephen Wilson ( University of Strathclyde ):
Yuying Yan ( University of Nottingham ):
Julia Yeomans ( University of Oxford ):
Dominika Zabiegaj ( Northumbria University ):
Daniel Orejon ( University of Edinburgh ):
Zinedine Khatir ( Birmingham City University ):
[*]  Nan Gao ( University of Birmingham ): n.gao@bham.ac.uk
[*]  Abhinav Naga ( University of Edinburgh ): v1anaga@ed.ac.uk
Anusuya Pal ( University of Warwick ):
Fatemeh Shahbazi ( University of Warwick ):

SIG Events

  • Kick-off meeting, Northumbria University, 12th April 2017. Organisers: Glen McHale, Halim Kusumaatmaja, Ben Xu.
  • Joint research symposium with CSCST on "Novel Materials and Surface for Future Engineering", 23rd-24th June 2017. Organiser: Ben Xu.
  • Industry Day "Smart materials and surfaces powered future engineering solutions", Nottingham Trent University, 29th November 2017. Organisers: Fouzia Ouali and Anna Trybala.
  • Joint Early Career Researcher Event, Northumbria University, 21st March 2018. Organiser: Andrew Edwards, Rohit Pillai and Nicasio Geraldi.
  • Structural surfaces and liquid/surface interactions, Heriot-Watt University, 20th April 2018. Organiser: Jining Sun.
  • Multiscale modelling of wetting phenomena, Durham University, 12-13 September 2018. Organisers: Halim Kusumaatmaja, Rodrigo Ledesma and Ciro Semprebon.
  • 2nd Early Career Researcher Event, Nottingham Trent University, 8th April 2019. Organisers: Andrew Edwards, Jack Panter,Elfego Ruiz-Gutierrez, Sree Hari Dharmapalan, Duncan Dockar
  • Droplet Interactions and Surfaces, University of Edinburgh, 16-17 May 2019. Organisers: Gary Wells and Prashant Valluri
  • 3rd Early Career Researcher Event, Northumbria University, 9th January 2020. Organisers: Andrew Edwards, Jack Panter, Elfego Ruiz-Gutierrez, Prashant Agrawal
  • SIG Online Event, Zoom Platform, 1st June 2022. Organiser: Nan Gao, Halim Kusumaatmaja

Next SIG event: Droplet interactions and Surfaces

We would like to invite you to participate in this two-day meeting “Droplet Interactions and Surfaces”, to be held on 16th and 17 May at Edinburgh University. This meeting is part of the meetings held for the Droplet and flow interactions with bio-inspired and smart surfaces SIG.  The workshop will focus on current advances in industry and research in the area of droplet interactions and surfaces. It will be a joint workshop with industrial contributions from companies with interests in Bio-Inspired fluids and droplets and applications such as transfusion diagnostics and diagnostic solutions.

Currently confirmed invited speakers include, Prof Doris Vollmer, Max Planck Instsitute for Polymer Research, Dr Emma Talbot, Experimental Physicist, Base 4 (http://www.base4.co.uk/) and Dr Heather Currie, Senior Development scientist at Quotient (https://quotientbd.com/)

You will find more information and registration details on the website: https://sites.google.com/view/ukfn-multi-phase-network-sig-1.


Next SIG event: Structural surfaces and liquid/surface interactions

20th April 2018, Heriot-Watt University

Event Webpage

Following a series of successful workshops in Northumbria University and Nottingham Trent University, this is the SIG’s fourth event with a specific focus on “bioinspired structures” and “solid-liquid interactions”. This one-day workshop will cover current activities in micro/nano engineering for structural surfaces, and their interactions with liquid across scale.

This event aims to:

  • Discuss recent progress and future trends in fabrication and applications of bioinspired micro- and nano-structures, materials and fluidic devices.
  • Brainstorm multidisciplinary research ideas and explore future collaboration opportunities.
  • Foster and strengthen interactions and networking between academia and industry.

The organising committee invites researchers from both academia and industry to attend this free event. Contributions on all aspects of this research area within the scope of the SIG are welcome, including theoretical studies on liquid-solid interactions, novel experimental/manufacturing technologies, and innovative applications. If you are interested in delivering a 15 mins presentation on your research or your industrial expertise, please contact Dr Jining Sun at jining.sun-at-hw.ac.uk.

Photos from the event:


Next SIG Event: Early Career Researcher Event

21th March 2018, Northumbria University, Newcastle

UKFN early career researchers are invited to attend a meeting aimed at bringing together ECRs across multiple UKFN SIGs. The poster event can be found here

The event is intended to be an informal meeting where ECR’s will have the opportunity to present their work, display a poster, or simply attend and contribute to the discussion, concluding with an social gathering in the local pub.

There is also the possibility of subsidised travel depending on number of attendees.

If you would be interested in attending this event, please send an email (with preference of poster/talk specified) by Monday 26th February 2018 to:

Andrew Edwards: andrew.edwards@ntu.ac.uk

Rohit Pillai: R.Pillai@ed.ac.uk

Nicasio Geraldi: nicasio.geraldi@northumbria.ac.uk

Group Photo:

Next SIG Event: Multiscale Modelling of Wetting Phenomena

12th and 13th September 2018, Durham University

Event Webpage

We invite researchers from both academia and industry to participate in this two-day workshop in Durham, which will focus on current advances and challenges in the multi-scale modelling of wetting phenomena. It will also feature contributions from experimentalists working on fluid dynamics and complex surfaces. There are opportunities for participants to present short talks and posters.

List of Invited Speakers: Jas Pal Badyal (Durham), Edo Boek (Queen Mary), Anne Juel (Manchester), Andy Parry (Imperial), James Sprittles (Warwick), Dominic Vella (Oxford).

In addition to the exciting scientific topics, we will host a set of professional development sessions, aimed at Early Career scientists, including PhD students, postdocs, and new lecturers.

Organisers: Halim Kusumaatmaja (Durham), Rodrigo Ledesma Aguilar (Northumbria) and Ciro Semprebon (Northumbria)


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