Non-Newtonian fluid mechanics


Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics (NNFM) concerns the study of the flow of rheologically complex fluids. NNFM is, by its nature, rather broad and here we propose to restrict the SIG to three key themes: yield stress (viscoplastic) fluids; purely-elastic instabilities; and a third area to be selected by the group.

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L = leader; C = co-leader; * = Other key personnel

[L]  Rob Poole (University of Liverpool):
[C]  Alexander Morozov (University of Edinburgh):
Volfango Bertola (University of Liverpool)
Simon Bittleston (Schlumberger Gould Research)
Nilanjan Chakraborty (Newcastle University)
Andrew Clarke (Schlumberger Gould Research)
Simon Cox (Aberystwyth University)
Elisabetta De Angelis (Cardiff University)
David Dennis (University of Liverpool)
Marco Ellero (Swansea University)
Suzanne Fielding (University of Durham)
Stephen Garrett (University of Leicester)
Paul Griffiths (Coventry University)
Oliver Harlen (University of Leeds)
Matthias Heil (University of Manchester)
Nathaniel Inkson (CD-adapco)
Anne Juel (University of Manchester)
Adam Kowalski (Unilever)
Timm Krueger (University of Edinburgh)
Steven Lind (University of Manchester)
Tim Phillips (Cardiff University)
David Pritchard (University of Strathclyde)
Andrew Rees (University of Bath)
Alison Stephens (Procter & Gamble)
Yi Sui (Queen Mary University of London)
Richard Whalley (Newcastle University)
Helen Wilson (University College London)
Stephen Wilson (University of Strathclyde)

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