Wave-structure interaction


The aim of the SIG in Wave-Structure Interaction (SIG-WSI) is to bring together and widen the community of researchers and developers around wave structure interaction (WSI). It will join the CCP-WSI Network with the shared objective of providing a focus for numerical modelling, software development and laboratory experimentation in applications relating to offshore renewable energy, coastal and ocean engineering, including building a national Numerical Wave Tank (NWT) facility. The SIG will participate in the CCP-WSI programme of workshops and training courses, extending the reach of these activities.


L = leader; C = co-leader; * = Other key personnel

[L]  Deborah Greaves ( University of Plymouth ): deborah.greaves@plymouth.ac.uk
[C]  Ling Qian ( Manchester Metropolitan University ): L.Qian@mmu.ac.uk
[*]  Edward Ransley ( University of Plymouth ): edward.ransley@plymouth.ac.uk

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Further updates will follow via the combined CCP-WSI and SIG-WSI Mailing list. To join, please complete the contact form on the CCP-WSI Website.

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