Surface and internal waves


This SIG will bring together researchers who use theoretical, numerical, laboratory, and field-based approaches to investigate surface and internal waves in a variety of fluid environments with the goal of synthesizing knowledge across disciplines to advance our understanding of such waves and feedback mechanisms between surface and internal waves.

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L = leader; C = co-leader; * = Other key personnel

[L]  Andrew Lawrie (University of Bristol):
[*]  Tom Bridges (University of Surrey):
[*]  Alexander Korobkin (University of East Anglia):
[*]  Tom Rippeth (University of Wales, Bangor):
[*]  Ton van den Bremer (University of Oxford):
Will Booker (University of Leeds)
Eugeny Buldakov (University College London)
Adrian Callaghan (Imperial College London)
Magda Carr (Newcastle University)
John Chew (University of Bath)
Marios Christou (Imperial College London)
Lyuba Chumakova (University of Edinburgh)
Andrew Dale (Scottish Association for Marine Science)
Stuart Dalziel (University of Cambridge)
Peter Davies (University of Dundee)
Francisco de Melo Virissimo (University of Bath)
Gennady El (Loughborough University)
Mattias Green (University of Wales, Bangor)
Roger Grimshaw (Loughborough University)
Rob Hall (University of East Anglia)
Graham Hughes (Imperial College London)
Gus Jeans (Oceanalysis Ltd)
Ted Johnson (University College London)
Ian Jones (Centre for Ecology & Hydrology)
Karima Khusnutdinova (Loughborough University)
Huw Lewis (Met Office)
Sergei Lukaschuk (University of Hull)
Liora Malki-Epshtein (University College London)
Paul Milewski (University of Bath)
Emilian Parau (University of East Anglia)
Emiliano Renzi (Loughborough University)
Victor Shrira (Keele University)
Matt Turner (University of Surrey)
Jacques Vanneste (University of Edinburgh)
Vasyl Vlasenko (University of Plymouth)
Jun Zang (University of Bath)

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