Mathematical modelling of the eye


Loss of eyesight is one of the most feared health conditions, with around 3% of the UK population living with it. There is a growing body of research by an increasing number of groups worldwide on the development of mathematical models describing the normal and pathological functioning of the eye. The aim of our research is to improve the diagnosis and prognosis for serious conditions using mathematical modelling, which can, relatively inexpensively, test the plausibility of hypothetical mechanisms and treatments.

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L = leader; C = co-leader; * = Other key personnel

[L]  Jennifer Tweedy ( University of Bath ):
[C]  Eamonn Gaffney ( University of Oxford ):
Laura Bevis ( Imperial College London ):
Chris Breward ( University of Oxford ):
Mariia Dvoriashyna ( University of Edinburgh ):
Alexander Foss ( University of Nottingham ):
Andrew Hazel ( University of Manchester ):
Oliver Jensen ( University of Manchester ):
Rodolfo Repetto ( Università degli Studi di Genova, Italia ):
Paul Roberts ( University of Birmingham ):
[L]  Peter Stewart ( University of Glasgow ):
Vladimir Zubkov ( University of Brighton ):
Cameron Hall ( University of Bristol ):
Tamsin Spelman ( University of Cambridge; Sainsbury Laboratory ):
Heather Yorston ( University of Edinburgh ):
Jessica Crawshaw ( University of Oxford; The francis Crick Institute ):
Patricia Lamirande ( University of Oxford ):
Patrick Parkinson ( Newcastle University ):

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